Fodder, straw and hay

All year long, we deliver litter and bulk feed such as hay and haylage to riding schools, livery stables, horse (breeding) farms, goat farms, piggeries, dairy farms, export farms etc. At all times, you can contact us for buying or selling all kinds of straw and hay in large bales.

Bulb cultivation also constitutes a considerable market for our straw: we deliver straw (to cover the bulbs with) from September to January. We also deliver ecological straw to customers in the Netherlands and to substrate manufacturers.

Our company is a member of the Dutch association for dealers in straw, fodder and related products (HISFA) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified; for our ecological products we have a SKAL certification.

With our vehicles, which vary from open-top trailers and low loaders to curtain sider semi-trailers and walking-floor trailers, we transport all our products from supplier to customer. We also carry machines, general cargo, full truckloads etc.

We have three warehouses, with a capacity of 8000m2, in which straw and hay is stored after it has been mown. If necessary, we can unload the large bales of straw at our customer's door using two compact track loaders.


Opslag van Stro en Hooi

Ons bedrijf beschikt over een drietal opslagloodsen van ruim 8000 m2 waarin het stro en hooi vanuit de oogst wordt opgeslagen. Indien nodig kunnen wij de grote balen stro bij de afnemer lossen met twee mini-shovels.

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