Fodder, straw, and hay

Welcome to the Delger website. Originally starting out with farming, our company has taken up the fodder business some 20 years ago, specializing in the trade of litter and bulk feed in large bales within the Netherlands.

Apart from the Netherlands, countries such as Germany, Denmark, France and Poland are our main suppliers of meadow hay, grass hay (low in nutrients), wheat straw, rye straw, oat straw and cole-seed straw. Therefore, we are regularly on the lookout both for new suppliers and for people who can help us transport these products across long distances. Should you be interested, then you are very welcome to contact us; nearly all types of truck combinations can be loaded, e.g. open top, curtain siders, mega trailers, walking floor trailers, or container trucks. All trucks can -if necessary- be unloaded 7 days a week on our premises.

Apart from our farming and fodder businesses, we also arrange international transport to and from Scandinavia. We have 9 truck combinations which are open tops, low loaders, tractors with curtain sider semi-trailers, and walking floor trailers.
Besides using this equipment to transport our straw and other fodder products from our suppliers to our customers, we are also happy to take care of any transport and unloading of e.g. your machines, general cargo, full truckloads etc.

All in all we are are versatile as well as flexible in putting our rolling stock to good use, and we ensure good service and quick delivery.

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